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Wavy edge lace double-sided tape easy to tear sawtooth zipper carton double-sided tape with edge wave tape

  • Strong stickiness On the basis of the original
  • double-sided tape, it is further upgraded, with
  • stronger stickiness and firmer sticking. Humanized
  • design, lace tape is easy to separate and wrap tightly.
  • Various specifications, wrap tightly, can be torn
  • by hand, convenient and practical Good environmental
  • protection Made of tissue paper material, more
  • environmentally friendly, easier to tear, good weather
  • resistance, longer lasting

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Lace Double-sided Tape Wavy Sawtooth Double-sided Tape High-adhesive Carton Double-sided Tape Left Side Corrugated Lace Double-sided Tape

Product highlights: optimal material, good resilience, high viscosity and easy to tear, good weather resistance, quality assurance, fast delivery from stock

Wave/lace design, easy to use, tear off along the concave surface, there will be no tearing or paper glue not separating

Neat edges for a secure fit.It fits perfectly with the edge of the carton, making the back cover stronger and speeding up the sealing efficiency.

Complete specifications and support customization.Support customization, different width and thickness specifications can be customized to meet customer requirements.






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